Egypt ups prices of cigarettes as part of economic reforms

Jul 12, 2018

Egypt ups prices of all brands of cigarettes as part of measures to overhaul economy

South Korea, India plan to double bilateral trade by 2030

Jul 11, 2018

India and South Korea aiming to boost trade to US $50 billion by 2030

Egypt's inflation rate spikes in June amid price hikes

Jul 10, 2018

Egypt's official statistics agency says annual inflation increased to 13.8 percent in June after new round of austerity measures designed to overhaul the country's economy

Iran arrests 'Sultan of Coins' suspected of hoarding gold

Jul 4, 2018

Iranian state TV says police have arrested a man who was hoarding two tons of gold coins in order to manipulate the market

1 killed in attack on trade chamber in southern Turkey

Jul 3, 2018

Officials say a gunman has killed the deputy head of a trade organization in southern Turkey

Red Cross leader: Rohingya crisis needs political solutions

Jul 3, 2018

Red Cross leader says humanitarian help alone will not solve Rohingya refugee crisis and inclusive political solutions are needed for the 700,000 people who fled Myanmar violence to Bangladesh

Gunfire, clashes amid Iran protests over water scarcity

Jul 1, 2018

Gunfire, clashes as Iranian security forces confront water scarcity protests in the country's south

4 years on, Egypt's president urges patience over reforms

Jun 30, 2018

Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi is urging citizens to endure his austerity measures, including a recent wave of steep price hikes on fuel, electricity and drinking water

Turkey won't comply with US ban over oil trade with Iran

Jun 29, 2018

Turkey's foreign minister says his country does not have to abide by "unilateral" U.S. decisions on Iran, suggesting that Ankara would not cut off trade with its neighbor

Iran's supreme leader urges judiciary to secure 'businesses'

Jun 27, 2018

Iran's supreme leader urges judiciary to take steps to secure people's 'businesses and lives' amid economic protests

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