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Iraq receives 90-day extension to Iran sanctions waiver

Dec 21, 2018

The U.S. has granted Iraq a 90-day Iran sanctions waiver to allow it to continue to import electricity from Tehran

Sudan says it will firmly deal with law-breaking protesters

Dec 21, 2018

Sudan's government says it's doing everything it could to deal with shortages of basic food items and services, but will not hesitate to deal firmly with anyone breaking the law

Iran's Persian rug-makers suffer as US unravels nuclear deal

Dec 20, 2018

As the Trump administration works to unravel Iran's 2015 nuclear deal with word powers, the producers of the country's famed Persian carpets fear they will lose vital markets

Sri Lanka's disputed prime minister resigns to end impasse

Dec 15, 2018

Sri Lanka's disputed prime minister has resigned, saying he wants to end a long political impasse over his appointment and allow the president to form a new government

Rajapaksa set to quit as Sri Lanka's premier to end crisis

Dec 15, 2018

A Sri Lankan lawmaker says disputed Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa will resign Saturday to end the country's political crisis

Yemen's port city of Aden shows challenge of peace

Dec 13, 2018

Yemen's government nearly saw itself pushed into the sea by advancing rebels here three years ago

Iran, feeling sanctions bite, looks for outlet in Iraq

Nov 13, 2018

Iran, already feeling the bite of U.S. sanctions, is turning to its neighbor Iraq to soak up some of its exports in agriculture, manufacturing, and energy

IMF: Mideast oil producers buoyed by higher prices, for now

Nov 13, 2018

IMF: Higher oil prices help offset increases in public spending by Mideast oil exporting heavyweights like Saudi Arabia

Sudan lifts ban on Egyptian imports amid effort to mend ties

Oct 26, 2018

Sudan lifts ban on agricultural imports from Egypt, latest sign of mending relations between Cairo and Khartoum

Saudi financial clout over media helps in Khashoggi affair

Oct 25, 2018

Saudi clout among Arab media gives kingdom useful tool in grappling with international outcry over Khashoggi's killing

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