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UN: Clashes in Sudan’s West Darfur force 11,000 into Chad

Jan 28, 2020

The U.N. refugee agency says tribal clashes in Sudan’s West Darfur province have forced more than 11,000 people to flee into neighboring Chad over the past month

Rights group: Islamist leader’s daughter tortured in prison

Nov 21, 2019

Amnesty International alleges daughter of senior leader of outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group has been tortured and denied medical treatment in prison

Yemeni town thrives on extortion and torture of migrants

Oct 30, 2019

Thousands of African migrants, ushered to Yemen by smugglers, find themselves in the particular hell of Ras al-Ara

Teen Egyptian girl's case puts legal system under spotlight

Sep 14, 2019

The prosecution of a 15-year-old girl who killed a bus driver after he allegedly tried to rape her has reignited debate over the treatment of women in Egypt's legal system, including the practice of virginity tests and blaming victims of sexual violence

Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen rebel-run prison kill over 100

Sep 2, 2019

Yemeni medics say they pulled dozens of bodies from the rubble of a Houthi rebel-run detention center hit a day earlier by airstrikes from the Saudi-led coalition, killing over 100 people and wounding dozens

Amnesty: Egypt should vestigate death of inmate

Aug 23, 2019

Rights group Amnesty International is urging Egyptian authorities to carry out an impartial investigation into the death of an inmate at Egypt's most notorious prison amid torture allegations

Saudi changes allow women to travel without male consent

Aug 2, 2019

Saudi Arabia is granting greater freedoms by allowing any citizen to apply for a passport and travel freely, ending a long-standing guardianship policy that had required male consent for a woman to travel or carry a passport

Libya's coast guard recovers dozens of bodies of migrants

Jul 26, 2019

Libya's coast guard recovers dozens of bodies of Europe-bound migrants who perished at sea the previous day

Government releases Gaddafi's last premier on health grounds

Jul 20, 2019

Libya's U.N. backed government has released former ruler Moammar Gaddafi's last prime minister who was sentenced to death by firing squad in 2015, citing his poor health and need for medical care outside prison

The Latest: Greece: 10 arrested over migrants medical fraud

Jul 18, 2019

A doctor, two medical staff members, and a translator have been arrested at a state-run camp for migrants and refugees in Greece

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