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Khan claims win in Pakistan with vows on poverty, US ties

Jul 27, 2018

Former cricket star Imran Khan has declared victory in Pakistan's parliamentary election and vowed to seek a new relationship with the United States

Khan moves from cricket star to pious, anti-poverty reformer

Jul 26, 2018

As Imran Khan claims victory in Pakistan's parliamentary election, he has promised to fight corruption and help millions of impoverished citizens

Pakistan party: Jailed ex-PM needs to be taken to hospital

Jul 23, 2018

Party of Pakistan's jailed ex-PM Sharif urges authorities to move him to hospital because of deteriorating health

Rights group calls on Iraq to declare detention centers

Jul 22, 2018

Human Rights Watch has called on Iraq's government to declare the number of detention facilities and not to hold suspects for extended periods without informing their families

Egypt rejects Jewish-nation law passed by Israeli parliament

Jul 21, 2018

Egypt's government says it rejects a controversial legislation passed by Israel's parliament defining Israel as a nation-state of the Jewish people

India's Parliament rejects no confidence against motion

Jul 20, 2018

India's Parliament rejects the no-confidence motion by the opposition against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government

Spokesman says Pakistan's ex-PM jail conditions 'deplorable'

Jul 19, 2018

Spokesman for the political party of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says Sharif is being held in deplorable conditions awaiting the outcome of his appeal of a 10-year sentence for corruption

Spokesman says Pakistan's ex-PM jail conditions deplorable

Jul 19, 2018

Pakistani spokesman: Jailed ex-PM Sharif held in deplorable conditions as he awaits appeal over 10-year sentence

Nowhere to run: Rohingya hunker down as monsoon arrives

Jul 18, 2018

The monsoon season is bringing fresh dangers to Rohingya who live in ramshackle huts in refugee camps in Bangladesh, but they have run out of places to run

Officials: 30 civilians dead in recent clashes in Yemen city

Jul 17, 2018

Yemeni officials: 2 weeks of heavy fighting between Houthi rebels, Saudi-led coalition killed at least 30 civilians

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